Suicidal Sardar

A Muslim, A Madrasi and A Sardarji working in a company were really frustrated as everyday in their Tiffins the same things were packed. One day they decide that if the next day the same thing is there they would commit suicide. The next day when they open their tiffins they are depressed and the muslim jumps out the window and dies. same thing is done by the madrasi and the sardarji.

On the 13th day when their wives meet they discuss among themseleves why they did so.

The Muslim’s wife says if he would have told me not to give mutton i would have prepared some thing else.

The madrasi says if once my hubby would have told me not to give idli i would have given him something else,why he had to commit suicide.

The Sardarji’s wife was a bit confused and surprised. On asking about his husband she replies,” I didn’t understand why sardarji committed suicide, he used to prepare his own tiffin everyday”

பகிருங்கள் அனைவரும் சிரிக்க..
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