Captain VijayaKanth Rocks

VijayaKanth was lying on the beach,

An American : Are you relaxing?

VijayaKanth : No, I yam VijayaKanth. Annggg! *wink*

Another American : Are you Relaxing?

VijayaKanth : Noo, I yam VijayaKanth.

An English man : Are you relaxing??

VijayaKanth : *SHOUTS* NO NO NO… I yam vijayakanth, vijayakanth, vijayakanth!!

[VijayaKanth left that place in anger]

He then asks an American lying on the beach,

VijayaKanth : Are you relagzing [relaxing] ???

American : Yes!!

VijayaKanth slaps him and says : Onna thaan da ellarum thedranga!! Annngggg:-!


பகிருங்கள் அனைவரும் சிரிக்க..
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