LKG and UKG boys Rocks

LKG Rowdies..


Boy1 – Thala unga aalu kitta yavano rubber vanguran..


Boy2 – yentha class da avan?

Boy1 – u.k.g ‘B’ section thala..


Boy2 – dai ‘B’ sectionla

Ceralac” Sekar…,

Pencil” Pandi….,

Huggis” Babu kita solli avanoda Slate, Feeding bottlela thooka solra…!!


Avan Nalla Alattum..



UKG Son to his Mom


Son: I Don’t Want

to Go to School


…Mom: Why.?


Son: Want to work


Mom: What Work

Will You Do With

UKG Knowledge.?


Son: Take Tution



பகிருங்கள் அனைவரும் சிரிக்க..

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