SardarG in hospital

At Hospital…

Little girl crying..

SardarG: Y chellam alugerey???

……Little Girl: Blood test’ku yen figer’eh cut panitange…

SardarG: Ammadiyo..Naan urine test’kele vanthen…

பகிருங்கள் அனைவரும் சிரிக்க..
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One thought on “SardarG in hospital

  1. The noted writer Khushwantsingh’s speach in a women’s college in Pakistan where he was invited to deliver his speach. His speach was attracted by all the girl students with much claps, cries and shouts in happy mood wnen he busted out his last bullet of conclusion in the end. His last bullet was: “During my younger days in India, we use to wait in front of Women’s college to select a good fair looking girl student when the girl students come out of main gate but we could select hardly one or two. But here in ur auditorium I tried to search out is there any ugly face but I failed.” For such a bold speach and that too in a Women’s college in Pakistan it is possible by the Late Kushwantsingh only.

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