Tamil Kadi Jokes

‘Hand wash’nna kai kazhuvaradhu, ‘Face wash’nna mugam kazhuvaradhu , Appo
‘brain wash’ nna braina kazhuvaradhaa?

Pal vali vantha palla pudungalam….Ana… Kaal vali vantha kaala pudunga
mudiyuma?! Illa Thalai Vali Vandha, Thaliathan Pudunga Mudiyuma?

Sunday annikku sundai poda mudiyum, aana Monday annikku mandaya pottal
vibaraithama aayidum !!!

Gangai aathula meen pidikkalaam…. Kavery aathula meen pidikkalaam .. aana
Iyer aathula meen pidikka mudiyuma?

Cell moolama sms anuppalaam, aana sms moolama cella anuppa mudiyathu?

பகிருங்கள் அனைவரும் சிரிக்க..

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